Wow Magic Studio - Testimonials


"Thomas is one of the few magicians who dare to perform just a few inches from you. I have never seen such an impeccable "face changing" show in such a close range. He gets audiences involved without pre arrangement and makes people hold their breath and wide shut their eyes. In short, Thomas is magical in turning a monotonous function party into a real entertaining night." ~Reid Zhu, Australian Chinese Radio

“Your show was fantastic! Especially the Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Show, what a wonderful show you put on. It was well organized and fully demonstrated the beauty of the Chinese culture. Thank you so much.”~Shi Zong Zeng, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia LTD

“Awesome! We have expected this for a long time.”~Max Ma, Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia

"Very appealing and eye-catching performance. Especially the ability to involve audiences and interact with them actively brings the performance to its climax."~Emily Hung, Winglong Pty Ltd

“Thanks for your acceptance of our invitation. We really need a magic teacher who can interact with students positively and care for their participation and response individually." -Liu Kung I, Good Friend Mission


"我們期待這一刻期待很久了。"~Max Ma, Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia

"我們需要主動和每位學生接觸,並且在課程進行時會注意學生反應的講師。謝謝您接受我們的邀請,並費心為我們安排適合我們特質的講師。"~陸小姐, 勵友中心

"非常非常的厲害,首先把我們的馬會長變成財迷,緊接著我們大家全部都變成了財迷,剛才又把我們四個小夥子變成非常非常高招技術的高人,所以我在想我們Thomas今天來到會場的確是使我們蓬壁生輝,給我們帶來精彩的表演。"~May Zou,澳洲華人電台