Are you looking for some special entertainment for your next conference or business function, or maybe even a magician for your next private party, wedding or corporate event?

No matter what you are looking for in the way of magicians, you have found the right location. Thomas is the best face-changing performer and comedy magician in Australia. Wearing vividly colored masks, Thomas can change masks within a fraction of a second. He is also an expert in comedy magic. The combination of Face-Changing and Magic can be the easiest way to have an impressive function guaranteed.hire best sydney magician

It can be suitable for:
• Corporate events
• Birthday parties
• Weddings
• Conferences
• Gala dinners
• Private events
• Business functions
• And much more other party, event or function...

Please feel free to look around the website. There are several packages available depending on what style of event you are organizing. No matter what kind of event you are preparing, we can assist you with something amazing and hilarious that will ensure your event is remembered well after it's finished.

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New comedy magic

Thomas provides new comedy magic. No matter you want the magician to wear black tie or national costume, Thomas can customize the show for your needs. It can be a combination of sword swallowing, escaping and other amazing magic tricks.
Can you imagine a magician uses his hands to make the raw rice become rice crispy?
Can you imagine a magician uses the power of "Tai-chi" to make people floating in the air?
They all can be seen in Thomas’s” Special New Comedy Magic Show”.

Thomas’s versatility extends to performing his classy comedy magic in a variety of situations:

• Close Up Roving Magic

• Cabaret / Stand-up Magic

• Stage Magic

A letter from our happy client:

What is “Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show”?

With the national costume and music, it would be one of the most fantastic shows you can ever see. Performers wave their arms and turn their heads, and their painted masks change repeatedly. The face changing, or "Bian Lian" in Chinese, is an important aspect of Chinese Sichuan opera. Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick and dramatic music.  They wear vividly colored masks, which they change within a fraction of a second.  From after dinner entertainment to inaugural ceremonies, private parties to product launches, because of the unique and impressive performance, this will ensure the event will be remembered and talked for years.

“Thomas Sichuan Opera Face Changing and Magic Show” is a very special performing arts. It is a unique combination of magic, martial arts, dance and music. The masks which appear in the show have profound implications in Chinese culture. You will see 9 different color masks in this show. Different color (silver, red, green, blue, yellow, orange,etc.) of the masks means different tempers such as joy, anger or sadness.
Also, each mask can indicate different famous character in Chinese culture such as the Monkey King. There are totally eight masks which will be changed in a moment just in front of you eyes. It also includes interactions with guests. No matter it is a private party or a corporate function, “Thomas Sichuan Opera face changing show” is the best choice to contribute to a successful event.

In 2009, Thomas even restudied with a teacher, learned a more difficult trick which is “Sichuan biting fan Face-Changing". It means Thomas can even change the mask while he is biting a fan.

Thomas Lin – the NO.1 Face-Changing Performer in Australia.

Performance history

Thomas has performed the art for more than seven years. As an international magician who was born in Taiwan, he has performed for many five star hotels, international companies and organisations. His clients include Crown Casino, ASUS, World Vision, NSW art gallery and many private parties and functions.
Sometimes, you can also see him on TV shows. Now, you do not need to go to China or Taiwan to see the amazing comedy magic and mask-changing show. Let Thomas bring it to your party in Australia.

These are typical comments/ feedback from his clients....

"You did a really good job."~Kimberlina, birthday party, Chatswood

"He (Thomas) was great in his performance (Face-changing Show)."~Mellani, NSW Art Gallery

"Thomas is one of the few magicians who dare to perform just a few inches from you. I have never seen such an impeccable "face changing" show in such a close range. He gets audiences involved without pre arrangement and makes people hold their breath and wide shut their eyes. In short, Thomas is magical in turing a monotonous function party into a real entertaining night." ~Reid Zhu, Australian Chinese Radio

"We really appreciate the wonderful job you did for my sons birthday party. The children had a great time. I am so happy that we hired you and will be recommending you to all the parents I know. Thank you very much you helped make my sons birthday a wonderful day to remember for everyone who came and espescially my son Thomas. I hope you have great success with what you do and hope I see you at future parties." -Kerry, birthday party

"Very appealing and eye-catching performance. Especially the ability to involve audiences and interact with them actively bring the performance to its climax."~Emily Hung, Winglong Pty Ltd

"Your show was fantastic! Especially the Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Show, what a wonderful show you put on. It was well organized and fully demonstrated the beauty of the Chinese culture. Thank you so much.”~Shi Zong Zeng, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia LTD

"Awesome! We have expected this for a long time."~Max Ma, Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia

"Thanks Thomas! I will call you next time when we have another function."~Carol, Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd.

Order by and receive the following bonus:

- Special big, colourful, bright balloon sculptures.

- Balloon doggies, piggies, flowers or even a big pink panther.

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By the way, don't forget to watch more interesting video clips & pics from Thomas's show:

Our 2012 Newest Show "Spider Man Big Balloon Show" as you can see on TV

In the show, the performer will wear as a Spider Man, showing some Kung-Fu, then disappearing in a big balloon. Guess what. When he appear again, he has changed to Bruce Li! Thomas is the only one performer who can do this in Australia. Australia's Best Spider Man Big Balloon Magic Show by Sydney Magician Thomas.

Best Sydney Magician! Best Sydney Magician! sydney magician