Wow Magic Studio - Entertainment packages

Show Packages

There are numerous packages to choose. Each show will be customized and will be perfectly tailored for your function.

The following three packages are GUARANTEED to make your function be memorable.

Choosing the right entertainment for your next event.

(If you are looking for kids' party character, click here.)

Special Face-Changing Show


Special Magic Show On Stage

Close-Up Magic (Mingle Magic)

Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show: Thomas is the best face-changing performer and comedy magician in Australia. Wearing vividly colored masks, Thomas can change masks within a fraction of a second. With gorgeous national costume, vivid colorful masks, magic and mysterious oriental music, this special entertainment will ensure your function will be talked for years.

Dress code:
National costume.

About 5 minutes on stage

Stage Magic: with fire, stage props and some presents produced.
Stand-up Magic: Where audience participation is encouraged. Escapology, magic and comedy are included.
A 'stage magic show' can be tailored to your budget and timing needs. Ideal for where you want to amaze your guests with an exciting and hilarious magic show live at your event.

Dress code:
Black tie or national costume

5 minutes - 1 hour on stage

Some amazing card tricks, making things appear then disappear, and some funny tricks, we have the best magician available for your function and event. This makes magic at its most intimate.

If you are seeking a close up magician for a cocktail function, galla dinner, pre-dinner drinks entertainment or simply to rove the crowd with stand up situations, we can assist you with our friendly magicians.

Dress code:
Black tie or clown

Order by and receive the following bonus:

- Special big, colourful, bright balloon sculptures.

- Balloon doggies, piggies, flowers or even a big pink panther.

We also provide clowns, balloonists and relevant training. Welcome to contact us for the details...

It will be interesting and memorable while people can take something home. This will ensure the event will be remembered. At Wow Magic Studio we travel anywhere in Sydney for any functions from Birthday, Christening, Naming Day, you name it we are there. Magicians and face-changing performers are always the best characters of all kinds of parties.